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Did you ever want to dance your name? Now you can ... with the Ruskin Box!

Just enter your name, hit enter, and enjoy the show. 

This little project was created during a short course aimed at introducing the basics of motion capturing recordings and implementations. It is based on the different movements required to express your name through dance moves common in Waldorf schools established by Rudolf Steiner influenced by the ideas of John Ruskin (hence the name of the box). 

However, during the project we learned that we misunderstood a core concept of this dance. We believed, that every letter of a name is being danced. This is not the case. Instead it seems, that the dancer chooses the emphasized letters and freely interprets movements between the specific letters they choose to express.  We couldn't implement this feature anymore, so here every letter is being danced. 

Developed by: Can Mert Bozkurt, Melina Rose, Robert Hambert, Rüdiger Brandis

Additional 2D Assets by: 

Paper Theatre Curtain Ruby, by EveyD, https://eveyd.deviantart.com/art/Paper-Theater-Curtain-Ruby-266138239

Satz Bäume in der Aquarellart, by freepic, https://de.freepik.com/vektoren-kostenlos/satz-baume-in-der-aquarellart_1928021.htm

Aquarell wilde Tiere, by freepic,  https://de.freepik.com/vektoren-kostenlos/aquarell-wilde-tiere_839083.htm

Aquarell Wal Hintergrund mit Nachricht "der Ozean ist mein Freund", by freepic, https://de.freepik.com/vektoren-kostenlos/aquarell-wal-hintergrund-mit-nachricht-quot-der-ozean-ist-mein-freund-quot_1190779.htm#term=whale%20watercolor&page=1&position=6


Chinese Blues – Moore and Gardner

The Smiler – Percy Wenrich

Maple Leaf Rag – Scott Joplin

Pine Apple Rag – Scott Joplin

Original Rags – Scott Joplin

Ragtime Dance – Scott Joplin


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