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“All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace” is an isometric action-adventure with a strong focus on environmental puzzling set in a post-cyberpunk cityscape constructed of organic-looking buildings, alleys and creatures. Instead of focussing on the established narrative and visual tropes of Cyberpunk, the game aims to recreate the core feeling of the literature that inspired cyberpunk: alienation, confusion and displacement. It will focus on the navigation of a seemingly abandoned but completely intact city, populated by symbiotic beings of men and machine and use sparse mythical narration to introduce the player piece by piece to the world they are navigating and closer to unraveling its secrets and history. 

The game was developed as part of an adaptation course at the Cologne Game Lab. We are still planing to do some polishing and adding some things, so if you have any feedback feel free to leave us a comment down below. 

The game was developed by: 

Rüdiger Brandis - Game Design / Project Lead
Can-Mert Bozkurt - Programming / Game Design
Alex Boccia - 3D Modelling / Sound Design
Nitish Misra - Level Design
Yervand Ayrapetyan - 3D Modelling / Additional Art
Nick Patel - Main Score


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LovinGrace_vs0.7.zip 76 MB
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It would be cool to find out more about the world and how it got to this state. Just one small thing.. the next needs to be visible in full, maybe increase the chat window? Or have a scroll option? Uu, maybe a new weapon too. Looking forward to updates. :)


Cool, thx for playing :) ... the text bug is an annoying one, we keep fixing it and it comes back, needs special attention it seems. I will see what we can do about more lore and another weapon.